Smiles for Special Needs

About Us

Smiles for Special Needs was founded by Joseph Hughes, who has an amazing child with intellectual and cognitive delays. When Joseph started his journey as a parent of a child with special needs, he was ill prepared for what was to follow. Over the years, he has attended countless Individual Educational Plans, (IEPs), Individual Support Plans, (ISP’s), and subsequent appointments with doctors, and other professionals. Through it all he has learned that advocating for his child is paramount to seeing the successes his son has obtained. Starting an agency that provides services to individuals with special needs came out of a necessity to find compassionate and qualified providers.

Our mission at Smiles for Special needs is to serve individuals who have special needs with commitment, respect and a passion to help them see their fullest potential.

Smiles for Special Needs board members consist of individuals with a background in the Division of Developmental Disabilities, parents of individuals with special needs, social workers, a professor, and a president and CEO of a provider agency in the State of Colorado. These individuals guide our company, ensuring that we continually meet and exceed the industry standards in caring for individuals with intellectual and cognitive delays.

Smiles for Special needs is funded through the State of Arizona, with the Division of Developmental Disabilities.